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Eat-onomics With Melanie Cheng, Founder of FarmsReach

BY Anne C. LeeTue Feb 16, 2010

San Francisco-based FarmsReach pairs farmers up with buyers for sustainable local food systems, helping buyers source produce locally and support healthy farms. Founded in 2007, the online marketplace opened its public beta version in February 2009. It currently serves the San Francisco Bay Area and a few other regions, but aims to be nationwide by the end of this year.

Cool concept!

Wi-Fi Turns Rowdy Bus Into Rolling Study Hall

Published: February 11, 2010

VAIL, Ariz. ??? Students endure hundreds of hours on yellow buses each year getting to and from school in this desert exurb of Tucson, and stir-crazy teenagers break the monotony by teasing, texting, flirting, shouting, climbing (over seats) and sometimes punching (seats or seatmates).

Jerod Reyes, left, and Dylan Powell use their bus’s Wi-Fi to do homework on their way to school.

On buses equipped with Wi-Fi in Vail, Ariz., officials say more homework is getting done, and there’s less rowdy behavior.


This is my first stab at trying to make sense of how I've connected all my social networks together. ??I'm still missing a few key sites like and my own WordPress blog (which hasn't been updated in over a year) but this is a good start. ??I figured out where all my duplicate Buzz posts were coming from. ??Is anyone else as crazy as I am with the social networks?