Monthly Archives: April 2010

These types of vertical markets are perfect for tablet / pad computing. Compared to the touchscreen systems common in restaurants, the interface seems clunky, but that’s easily solved. I like the “email receipt” concept. It’s convenient for me, and the restaurant can send me coupons and specials (if I so choose).

With the new healthcare bill, 32 million more people will be looking for Doctors.?? This will inevitably lead to a doctor shortage.?? Apparently, nurses think it’s a good idea for them to be empowered — even to be called “Doctor”, even though they’re not real medical doctors.?? No thank-you.

Nurse practitioners argue there’s no danger. They say they’re highly trained and as skilled as doctors at diagnosing illness during office visits.

What’s ironic is directly to the right of that quote was an ad for nursing degrees.?? Somehow, this does not help my confidence.